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Vitamin Deficiencies & Nutrient Deficiencies on Weight Loss

While you continue with your weight loss process there’s another small thing you are to do. This is not a compulsory for the people who follow ‘Half Plate’. This mainly affects to OMAD and Keto followers. If we take Keto as an example except for Fish, Meat, eggs and milk with very low carbs in it are their main consumption. So it does not matter OMAD or keto it is a must to consume high amount of vegetables. Though I mention that it is a must to eat Vegetables I know that you all consume a very low amount of veggies and consume more meat. So you must follow below steps to get rid of vitamin deficiencies.

Limiting the Food to avoid Vitamin Deficiencies

This method we use to lose weight is a survival mechanism of our body. We use it as a weapon to achieve our target of losing weight. So, when we limit the food, we intake we should limit it up to 75% and the remaining 25% will be taken to the body from the stored fat.  In this 75% which we provide if you do not consume vegetables at least 50% of it, may lead to Vitamin Deficiencies in your body and these deficiencies affect your body in different ways. You might face a hair fall problem, discoloration of nails etc.

We used to eat everything earlier, but now we manage our food. So this limits the intake of necessary vitamins to your body. So, it is does not consist at least 50% of veggies in your meal that you take now with a plan this Vitamin Deficiencies may arise.  The best way to consume all the necessary vitamins to your body is eating green vegetables and When we consume meat, it is enough to have 1g of meat according to your body weight. For instance if you weight 80kg it is enough if he intake 80g of proteins.

It is not something to worry much as no one consume enough protein calculated according to his/her weight as it is difficult to consume. But you should eat green Vegetables!

For those who can not eat Green Vegetables

This is for you who can not eat Green Vegetables. So with the busy lifestyle it is hard to manage to eat fresh green vegetables and salads. From this I will explain how to manage these Vitamin Deficiencies for them. For them it is a must to have extra vitamins.

I’ll give you the vitamins I took below:

  • Omega 3- Fish oil
  • Vitamin C -1000Mg
  • Biotin (For my hair loss)

               It is not practical to take each and every vitamin which is needed for our body externally as if so, we will have to take so many pills in one take. So this process gets simpler if you can eat green vegetables and you won’t have to go through any of these troubles. If not, you will have to take supplements like I mentioned about to have the necessary vitamins to your body. It is expensive!

I got a solution for that too…

Taking Multivitamins to Avoid Vitamin Deficiencies

Through research I found out that without taking all those vitamins which represent the whose alphabet as separate tablets you can take a multi vitamin which contains all these vitamins in it. Therefore in that tablet it consists all the vitamins needed for your body. So you have to take only one tablet a day to have the necessary vitamins to your body. By that if you miss to add green vegetables to your diet it won’t be a problem. When you buy the multi Vitamin for you try to find a one which have all the vitamins in it. If so there won’t be any problem for you and you wont have to consume different tablets for each vitamin separately.

If there’s anyone who cannot afford to buy vitamins it is not a problem at all. External vitamins are needed for those who do not eat green Vegetables. So you can consume all the necessary vitamins for your body if you include at least 50% of green vegetables to your diet without consuming only meat, fish, egg or milk.

If you know that you do not like vegetables and do not have enough vegetables in your meal, then you should have a multi vitamin. Or else your body will face a Vitamin Deficiency.

Are you letting your weight hold you back? 💪🏼🤘🏼

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