Calorie Talk Weight Loss Story Step 2 – Simple Meal Plan

Step 2 – Simple Meal Plan

After the last easy intake to your weight loss lets talk about Calories today. If we explain what calories are, we can say that it is as a way to measure the energy or the food we eat. There is a necessary amount of calories that our body needs daily and the excessive calories we intake stock in our body as Fat. It does not store only in belly but all over the body. This is the basic reason for someone to get Fat. In order for a Fat person to get in shape he or she have to burn this excessive fat on the body. For that she or she have to follow a Simple meal plan.

It is not easy as it seems.

There are mainly two steps that uses to get in shape and lose weight as Active method and Meal planning.

Active Method

Active method mainly uses exercises.  It is true that the exercises are really important to our lives and for our health. It is useless if a fat person expect to lose his weight just using exercises without controlling his food.  Because we will intake double or triple amount of calories be burn by exercising through our food.  That’s why it is important to know about calories.

Meal plan

It states that normal person should intake 2000 calories per day. It differs with female as 1500 calories intake for a female. This is a standard but these amounts changes with person to person according to the activities they do.

There are websites you can find through internet which will help you to know how much you need to intake daily. I would provide you a site as an example here. TDEE stands for Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

If you need to reduce 1KG of your weight that means you have to burn 7700 calories from your body.

It is not easy right.

I will help you by giving a food list with calories you intake with them. Then you will get an idea about the amount of calories you intake daily with the food you consume. If you search on google as ‘Food calorie table’ you will find a site as “CalorieBee”( This site is good as you can have a descriptive idea about calories you intake with the food you have easily. It gives separately as for Meat, Fruits and Vegetables.

After this you know how to manage your daily calorie intake. Now you can stop eating the half of your usual meal and instead you have to manage by deciding the food you eat. Remember when deciding the daily calorie intake, you have to take at least about 500 or 1000 less calories from the necessary daily calorie intake amount in order to burn the excessive calorie on your body.

If you feel like even after two weeks, it is difficult to reach this step you can continue on eating the half portion of your usual meal for furthermore time. It is natural to feel difficult to change your meal plans suddenly. That’s why I said that one might take two weeks, three weeks or even a month to fall in to the right track. After you get use to it you can calculate the calorie intake you need daily and plan the meal accordingly.

Game Changer 💪🏼🤳

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