Calorie Talk Weight Loss Story Step 3 – Intermittent Fasting Results for Weight Loss

Step 3 – Intermittent Fasting Results for Weight Loss

Congratulations, If you are here after following all previous steps that’s mean now you are in the advance level. Of course, this is a bit difficult method as now you are almost there to achieve your target. From this I’m talking about Intermittent Fasting Results In other words skipping some meals without having anything at all. In this step we are eating only at a time we choose and in other times we fast by skipping the meal.

As I have explained previously if we have burnt a high amount of calories from our body than the amount we intake, our body loses its weight naturally. But if we want to speed up this process twice as the normal speed, the best method is Intermittent Fasting. Because except from calories the hormones also act as a reason for a person to increase weight and size. But you can’t say that you are overweight because of hormones as calories and hormones both act together.

Mainly there are two types of Hormones which effect weight gain and weight loss

  • Insulin
  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH)


If we talk about these hormones simply, as soon as we eat the insulin level of our body increases. Insulin is a kind of Hormone in our body. When this level goes up the body starts to store the food we ate. With that body starts to get Fat. There’s another Hormone call Human Growth Hormone (HGH). When the Insulin level increases the Growth Hormone level goes down as this HGH is the Hormone which take out the stored fat in our body and burn it out by using it. It you want to become thin you have to have a low insulin level and a high growth hormone level.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Let’s take as example, you want to get thin, so you are eating after calculating the calories of your meal.  As a person who needs 2000 calories per day, you take only 1500 calories as body will burn the remaining 500 calories from the store of your body. But if you take this 1500 calories in a day by eating 10 times your insulin level increases 10 times a day. By that your weight loss become an ineffective one. To make your weight loss an effective one we use Intermittent Fasting Results method. Here we intake the 1500 calories at a one time which we selected in the day and at that specific time insulin level goes up. Within about 4 or 5 hours thin insulin level becomes normal making the growth hormone level to rise up. The growth hormone dissolves the stored fat by using it.

There are two popular Intermittent Fasting Results methods in the world.

  • 16/8 – Eating within 8 Hours and fasting for 16 Hours
  • Royal/King/OMAD – One Meal A Day

16/8 Intermittent Fasting

In the first method within selected 8 hours of a day we consume the calories the body needs. As, we eat from 12 noon to 8 P.M the calorie limit we decided to give the body and the rest 16 Hours we do not consume any food which result the increase of growth Hormone.

Royal/King/OMAD Intermittent Fasting

Second method is One Meal A Day. This is not a method you can go at once as you intake the selected calories amount using a one selected meal and the rest of the day you are Fasting. Though this looks like a risky thing this is known as a very beneficial method even for your health. You will find these benefits if you search the benefits of OMAD method in google and it says this method is especially beneficial to improve the immunity system of your body.

When getting use to this ‘Intermittent Fasting’ methods you should start it from 16/8 method. In this method it is not a must the tome you eat to be 12 noon and 8 P.M. You can select any 8 Hours of your choice. On the 16 Fasting hours you can consume Green Tea, Black Coffee and Water.

In dieting the maximum level is OMAD diet and the step behind is the 16/8. On the weekends I am following the OMAD diet but on the weekdays as I am working, I also follows 16/8 as I have to have something before going to work and after the work within 8 Hours, I eat something again. But it must be said that I respect the rest 16 Hours and do not consume any food.

It is a must you are to have an idea about the amount of calories you need to intake before you start following either of these methods. If you do not have an idea about Calories you can read the previous articles as I have explained about calories and how to decide the amount of calories you have to intake daily.

Randomly, if you had to have three meals a day like at a party you can skip the diet and consume food. But you should be quick! You have to calculate the amount of calories you intake and have an idea how much excessive calories you have taken so you can burn them on the next day through exercise or can take the next day meal in a way the additional calories get burnt.

The next article is about taking you to the ultimate step of burning the Fat on your body. You will definitely need at least two weeks or a moth to get use to these methods. After that let’s go to next level as it is much more difficult than this level.

If you have been following the all articles as I have said, then at this level you must have witnessed the results that I have said you will see. You yourself must have gained confident on you. So, let’s not stop here and will get rid of all unwanted fat and be what we want to be.

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