Calorie Talk Weight Loss Story How Many Calories Should I Burn a Day?

How Many Calories Should I Burn a Day?

When talking about how the word “calorie” came into society, founder was Nicolas Clement. Before that there was no unit called calorie to measure the energy in food and it was measured by Joule (J) or Kilo Joule (KJ). The word calorie came from Latin and is based on the amount of heat spend to boil water. Now lets see how many calories should i burn a day.

When we take any kind of biscuit about 150g it normally consists about 800 kcal (Kilo calorie). 800 calories mean 1KW. 1Kw means energy. If we take an item which need 1000KW to be operate 1KW is the amount of energy it needed to be operated for an hour. For example, the energy the iron spends if we iron for 1 hour can be take as 1KW which is equal to 800 calories.

So now you understand how difficult it is to burn these calories we consume within even a minute. Though we think that after a good workout we have spent lot of energy and consume food to get that spent energy we are adding more calories to our body unintentionally. So how many calories should i burn a day?

It’s important to know that sweets and food with sugar consist more calories. It is important to burn calories though how difficult it is. Now if you go to the gym but do not have expected result. That mean you might spend your time focusing on other things other than spending your time on exercises. I normally burn 1000 kcal within 1 hour when I go to the gym. That’s means its about 1KW. It is important when you go to the gym you should pay attention to burn more calories.

If you are going to gym you should go to it at least 5 days a week. You can easily burn about 1000kcal by doing workout correctly. Burning 1000 kcal daily has good benefits. As you have already burnt about 1000 calories already you can have bit of carbohydrates for your meal later. The more you burn the excessive calories through your workout the more you can enjoy.

If you are doing a really hard work which at least burn 1000 kcal and not if you are burning about 500kcal daily. If so you should prevent from having food with any carbohydrates in it. Else you wont witness any change in your body that you expect. Though my daily calorie burning limit allow me to eat food with carbohydrate I do not do that as it says that carbohydrates makes you to crave more to eat. If you are eating ‘Keto’ or foods without carbohydrates this is not a problem you will ever going to face.

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