Calorie Talk Weight Loss Story Step 1 – How to Lose Weight Naturally

Step 1 – How to Lose Weight Naturally

When we consider about how to lose weight naturally, the first thing you are to consider about is your meal. As without thinking about your diet it is an utter waste to consider about other things to achieve your goal. Food is the number one factor which makes you FAT! If you are eating at an any chance you get and if there’s no control in your food, you will never lose your weight despite what you do to lose weight.

There is a way to control your food. Here it is.

Meal : How to lose weight naturally

First if we consider you as a person who eats 3 meals per day, I won’t tell you to eat salad for all meals as it is difficult. Even I tried that and failed. As the starting, take your meal plate and remove half of it. Then eat the rest.


Then when it comes to Tea, Coffee and other beverages if you are using 2 cubes or two spoons of sugar for your coffee reduce it to one. It is a must to prevent consuming all the beverages. If it is hard rarely You can have a Coca cola and Pepsi Zero as insulin level does not rise with them. I won’t say they are healthy to drink as they are using artificial sweetness instead of sugar.


Next Important thing is Water. It is a must to consume enough water and you should consume at least 2 Liters of water per day. If we do not consume enough water body tend to store the water, we drink. If we consume enough body do not store excess water.

No Snacks

The next important fact is you have to stop the snacks you consume in between meals. If you tent to eat a biscuit with your evening tea you can eat half of it if it is difficult to stop at first, but I recommend you to stop eating the snacks.


Sleep is very important, and I would say you have to sleep at least for 8 hours. But it is difficult with the daily routines of ours. But at least try to achieve 6-hour sleep. I tend to sleep about 12 Hours on weekend and I have experienced when I check my weight more weight has been lost on those days. So, sleep is also very Important in the process of weight loss.

Walk : How to lose weight naturally

If you have time it is good to walk at least for 30 Minutes per day.  It helps a lot in losing weight. If it is hard to do with no time its ok let’s, try with other routings.

You just have to do this. It is easy. You do not have to change anything, Just have reduced the portion of your meal and that’s all. Then You will witness a change in weight for sure if you follow these correctly for two weeks and that will definitely motivate you.

Your attempt should be honest with yourself in achieving this task as you are doing this for you. I was honest to my self and I witnessed the results. Think like this for a better future you are going to sacrifice Nine months. This is not for forever.

As the second step lets discuss how to count the calorie intake of our meal that we consume.

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