About Me

Julie Shaw

Hi I’m Julie Shaw. I’m a person who suffered greatly due to my weight and figure over years. Despite those days now I have achieved a milestone in my life. I thought sharing my experience with you all would you too.

One year ago, I was 107 KG and only could fit in 3XL cloths. I followed various methods to lose my weight, but I could not gain anything from them mainly because I had neither money nor time to go to a gym. I was utterly disappointed.  I even tried various medicines that advertised as a successful method to lose weight, but they were also of no use. There are videos in the Internet that teaches to lose weight but proper videos which teaches the method from start to end of the process are rare. After watching many of such videos I succeeded in making my own procedure including all the comment facts they all teach.

Now I have gone from size 3XL to S. Within 9 months I have lost 39Kg without any pills or any exercise.

Don’t worry I will guide you from basic steps up to advance weight losing methods from my personal life experience and help you to gain confident through health life style. Only thing you have to do is be sure to follow the simple steps that I have provided in the articles.